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About Me


Home made. Baked with attention to detail.


I started this business in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic. I had just finished getting a degree in Business Administration and found that I had to stay home to help my kids through remote learning. After they were able to return to school I decided that instead of going back to work I would stay home in case the schools closed again.

I have always enjoyed baking, it's soothing. I worked the counter at a couple of bakeries in the past and greatly enjoyed interacting with the customers and watching the bakers turn out some amazing treats.

In this new world of staying home as much as possible I saw the need for joy.

Enter cupcake deliveries...Cupcakes are the perfect treat to sweeten your day. Whether it's to accompany your dinner party or to send to a friend for their birthday, cupcakes will always bring a smile to the day.

I hope you enjoy cupcakes as much as I do!

-Esther (essi) 

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